Hello fellow hookah lovers!

We are proud to release our first post in the Book a Hookah blog! This blog will serve as an inside scoop to all things hookah in Atlanta. We welcome all your comments, requests and questions and will try to address them personally or in a future post!

This initial post will serve as a background to what we do and what we hope to accomplish with this venture.

Basically, as I am sure you noticed, we are a full-service hookah catering company operating out of Atlanta, GA. We can do anything from a small party of 10 hookahs to a huge wedding where each person wants their own hookah. One thing you should know about us – we hate bad hookahs and quick light charcoal!

We make sure to quality test each hookah before it goes out and if we feel like it isn’t up to standards, we will repack it before sending it out – even if it takes a little more time. We want to ensure the best smoking experience to all of the people enjoying the hookahs.

Hookah is still growing in Atlanta and many hookah lounges are opening all over the place. It has gotten to the point where every nightclub has hookahs as part of their VIP service as well! It’s great that many places offer hookahs now but one problem is that we noticed the quality of hookah has been getting worse and worse. It seems like it is more of a novelty item now than people actually enjoying the flavor and amount of smoke.

This is why we created Book a Hookah.

Instead of going to a lounge or club to get your hookah fix, we bring the party to you. We only have the highest quality hookahs, flavors and charcoal to make sure your hookah experience is the best it can be.

I’m actually smoking a mix of Lemon, Pomegranate and Mint while writing this, and I have to say that right now, this is my favorite flavor!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next post coming soon!


The Book a Hookah Team